Choctaw Seal
Gary Batton, Chief
Jack Austin Jr., Asst. Chief
Tim Amos, Coordinator
Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma
Vocational Development
P.O. Box 1210
Durant, OK 74702
(800) 522-2260

Dear Applicant:

The Choctaw Nation Vocational Development Program needs copies of the following items along with the application.
We would appreciate your cooperation and assistance in supplying this information. Your quick response to this will help us in
completing your application as soon as possible. You must be at least 1/4 degree Indian. Remember, you will not be considered
for this program until we have ALL the information requested.

Employment Assistance Application

  1. You must be moving for a new full time permanent job. A full time job is 40 hours per week, no less.
  2. Application must be returned to this office at least one week before receiving you first full paycheck.
  3. Address verification from both addresses, the one you are moving to and the one you are moving from.
  4. A copy of your C.D.I.B. (You must be at least 1/4 Native American)
  5. A copy of your driver's license.
  6. If you are married or have dependents, we must have verification of these dependents, (A C.D.I.B. or birth certificate for each dependent and/or marriage license).
  7. We must have a letter from your new employer stating the date you start to work, how much you earn an hour, the date you will receive your first full paycheck, and how many hours a week you will be working.
  8. We cannot help with employment funds after you receive your first full paycheck.

Application for Training

  1. A copy of your CDIB, showing that you are at least 1/4 degree Indian.
  2. A copy of your high School transcript, whether completed or not completed.
  3. A copy of GED grades.
  4. Verification of your address. If your address is not the same as on your drivers license, then a utility bill, rent receipt, etc., or you may go to the post office and have them to write something stating that you receive your mail at that addrdess and stamp it with their cancellation stamp.
  5. An updated college transcript, if you have attended college.
  6. Income verification, such as a check stub or last years income tax return. If you live at home, parents income tax return or check stub.
  7. If you are a veteran, have you applied for Veteran Benefits?
  8. If you have claimed dependents, copies of their CDIB or birth certificates.
  9. Other items may be asked for at a later date.